License Registration

When launching WinMecC, a window will appear showing if the application is registered or not. In the second case it will work as a Demo with certain limitations:

WinMecC Demo WinMecC Registro
In order to register WinMecC, it is necessary to purchase one or more licenses (see ‘Buy now!’ section). When purchasing one or more licenses, the user accepts the following license terms:
  • Licenses are personal and non-transferable.
  • WinMecC can only be registered in one computer.
The steps to be followed to register WinMecC are explained below. The registration procedure starts by opening the following window that appears when launching a non-registered WinMecC:
Registro de WinMecC

1. Enter the required information:

  • Activation Key: Enter the LICENSE number provided by Microcad Software when purchasing the product.
  • Email address: Be sure to provide a valid email address as the registration process will be carried out by email.
  • Operation: Enter the Authorization Code that you will receive after the purchase.

Clave de Activacion del programa WinMecC mediante el  libro Fundamentos de Teoria de Maquinas Registro del programa WinMecC a traves de Microcad

2. Generate a License Request file:

Click on the ‘Generate License Request file’ button and WinMecC will prompt you to specify the folder where it will be saved will prompt you to specify the folder where it will be saved.


  • The License Request file cannot be altered by any means.
  • The License Request file is valid to install the program only in the computer in which the file was generated.

3. Sending the License Request file:

Click on the ‘Email’ button to send the License Request file created in the previous step. If, for any reason, WinMecC cannot send the file, the user will have to send it manually.


  • The License Request file has to be sent via email as an attached file.
  • Only one License Request file can be attached to each email.

Solicitud de Licencia WinMecC

4. Receiving the License Registration file:

The user will receive a License Registration file by email. This file has to be saved in the computer in the same folder as the License Request file.


  • The License Registration file cannot be altered by any means.
  • This file is only valid to install WinMecC in the computer in which the License Request file was generated.

5. Registration:

Open the ‘Help’ menú in WinMecC and click on the ‘License Registration’ option. Next, WinMecC will ask you to load the following two files:

  1. The License Request file.
  2. The License Registration file.

Once these steps have been completed, a window will open up to indicate if the process has been successful or not.

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